Monday, April 20, 2009

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Remarkable LANGUAGE and MATH Programs : innovative, well structured, rich and clear.

« I was able to appreciate the quality and precision of the courses provided on the Internet by TBHT, The programs are truly remarkable both for their richness and pedagogical quality.
In French, for example, progress is sure and steady. Difficulties are broken down through a variety of different approaches and once the essential material has been covered, it is methodically reinforced. Regarding the audio, words, phrases and sentences are well articulated and clear. Even the beginner will understand and have no difficulty repeating what she/he has heard.
The authors’ creativity is well demonstrated in the magnificent Letters to Grandpa while the other language and math e-Books (algebra in particular) are structured with the same forethought and attention to detail. The student should have less trouble assimilating each lesson due to the clarity with which each grammar point or math problem is explained.
Students will be pleased at their rapid progress combined with an immediate ability to check the answers to the exercises. I am at once, pleased and not surprised that TBHT is among the five sites recommended by several educational consulting sites here in France : Soutien Scolaire, Devoirs de Vacances and Femme Actuelle. Practical for self-study, TBHT is just as suitable for classroom use and can be a very effective study aid for teachers, tutors and after-work study groups ».
Dr. Georges Décote, Professor Emeritus, Université de Paris X

College Algebra
Posted by millhamr on 03/04/2009
This college algebra text is well written in language that a non-mathematics person can understand and actually enjoy. The examples and analogies are so very well done. The author uses these to create the steps, real-life examples, and relevant samplings to create understanding necessary for any student taking any coursework. Additionally, the structure and flow of the mathematical concepts are well-formed causing little, if any, frustration in understanding the continuity of the concepts being delivered. Overall, I would say that this text is invaluable to students who want to learn algebra at their own pace, as a supplement to a high school or beginning college math course, or as a complete course text for an instructor and his/her students. Dr. Rosemary Millham Science Coordinator, Secondary Education STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, NEW PALTZ

Remarkable LANGUAGE and MATH Programs: clear, concise, well structured and especially innovative.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the TBHT company for providing us via the internet with language and math courses which are outstanding for their educational precision and quality.
I am convinced that in Italian, for example, students will make substantial progress thanks to the method used to confront the difficulties in acquiring a foreign language and in minimizing them by presenting them in small doses. The approaches used are varied and ensure that the essentials will be acquired and reinforced methodically. Regarding the audio component, words, phrases and sentences are articulated perfectly and this greatly increases comprehension especially for the beginning student.
The creativity of the authors is very evident thanks to the various approaches used. They start with a wonderful series called LETTERS TO GRANDPA, which direct students’ interest to the grammar points necessary for success in the pursuit of Italian.
The same rigorous approach, applied to the other language and math (especially algebra) programs, successfully attempts to facilitate the student’s assimilation of the subject matter.
Those who try to make progress (and at a very modest price) in their language and math studies will have the opportunity to immediately check the level of their progress by looking at the answers to the exercises.
Because of all these considerations, I am not at all surprised that TBHT has been judged one of the five best sites recommended by the French organization Soutien Scolaire. For me, this selection shows that the entire spectrum of the educational community will derive a tremendous benefit from using these products. I am optimistic that a comparable success will also be achieved in the Italian-speaking communities. Mr. Domenico Tebano, Professor of Italian, Newburgh, NY

Extraordinary Programs in LANGUAGES and MATH: concise, clear, well structured and solid.

TBHT,, is to be commended for the quality and precision of their internet courses. The programs are remarkable for the quality and richness of their pedagogical content.
The Spanish program, for example, ensures that the student of this language will advance steadily and confidently in her or his progress. Difficulties are minimized thanks to a variety of different approaches. After the essential material has been presented, it is methodically reviewed and reinforced. The audio component presents words, phrases and sentences in a well-articulated and clear fashion. Even beginners will understand and easily recall and repeat what she/he has heard.
The starting point, a body of letters aptly entitled LETTERS TO GRANDPA, manifests the authors’ creativity. The other language and math e-books (algebra in particular) are structured with the same care and attention to detail. It is my considered opinion that the clarity with which each grammar point or math problem is presented and explained will assure that each lesson will be assimilated with relative ease.
Students will be gratified by their rapid progress in the program(s) of their choice. Their self-esteem will grow as they verify that their answers are correct.
I was happy to find that, when I researched TBHT, it was listed among the five sites recommended by several educational consulting firms in France. I am optimistic that a comparable success will occur in the Spanish-speaking countries. This series of programs incorporates very effective study aids and is suitable for classroom use as well as for teachers, tutors, after-work study groups and self-motivated language and math enthusiasts. Dr. José Nieves, Professor Emeritus, CCNY (CUNY), New York